IGtropin: the best modern steroid

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of PockMarks on Face
October 16, 2018
Advantages of Clomid in bodybuilding
Advantages of Clomid in bodybuilding
October 16, 2018

IGtropin: the best modern steroid


This article will tell you what medication can be used to simultaneously accumulate pure muscle mass and burn subcutaneous fat. Read and apply practical recommendations.

Over the years, people have sought to look good. Diet and exercise alone can achieve a lot, but it will take a lot of time. Therefore, scientists began to “think” about the solution to this problem.

And they did very well. The creation of anabolic steroids and, in particular, of the growth hormone, solved the problems with excess weight and a slow set of muscle mass.

Growth factor similar to insulin-1

Over the years, scientists have tried to find a medication that could help an ordinary athlete become a great champion. In this case, a large amount of money was invested, and not in vain.

First, anabolic steroids were created, which helped athletes gain muscle mass quickly, but after the introduction of anti-doping controls, the use of anabolic drugs became problematic. Therefore, a medication called Igrotin was created. It is a growth hormone, and reviews are only positive. First, it is difficult to determine with the help of anti-doping control, and second, it igtropinhas a minimum of side effects.

In 1957, scientists Salmon and Daud presented the thesis that the growth hormone somatotropin using insulin-like growth factor. After a series of studies, they are even surer of this. It was also reported that substances that affect the body through IGtropin – is IGF-1 and IGF-2 (IGF – insulin-like growth factor). These are the so-called polypeptide chains, whose benefits have already been written a lot. Great importance for the body has a growth factor similar to insulin-1, clomiphene citrate so it will be discussed further.

Why do muscle fibers grow? If you seriously think about this question, it is a science, but let’s try to explain all available. Satellite cells – these are the main participants in post-natal muscle growth (also known as “satellite cells”). They are found around the muscle fibers and proliferate when exposed to anabolic steroids – testosterone, nandrolone, trenbolone, and so on..

But, do anabolics make these cells have started to operate. This is promoted only by the growth factor similar to insulin-1. As soon as IGF-1 enters the body, the satellite cells begin to multiply. Then they are genetically modified, so the nucleus of the satellite cells is practically muscular.

It can be concluded that when the level of growth factor similar to insulin increases, new muscle fibers are formed. It should be added that calcium ions within the cell also increase due to IGF-1, and in large quantities these ions contribute to the growth of beautiful relief muscles. The rate of growth hormone can be prescribed only by a specialist in this subject.

The role of growth hormone in the human body

Let’s find out why he needs our growth hormone. On the one hand, it acts on the cells, joining the molecules of the somatotropin, on the other – it can exert an effect on the body with the help of a growth factor similar to insulin. And, interestingly, these two points of view have the right to exist.

An FMI enters the bloodstream after prostate massage that growth hormone has started in the body. In addition, an anabolic effect occurs in all tissues and muscles due to IGF-1. If the loads are high, then the concentration of igf-1growth factor similar to insulin in the blood will be higher.

IGF-1 can be formed in both the liver and muscle fibers. Thanks to IGF-1 in the liver, bone tissue, ligaments and internal organs grow. The growth factor similar to insulin, which is formed in the muscles, acts directly on the growth of the muscles. But for hypertrophy and hyperplasia of muscle tissue to occur, it is better to use a local injection. Then the effect of IGF-1 will only strengthen its effect.

From this you can conclude that without the growth hormone with the accumulation of muscle mass can and should do, just need to train and take anabolic. But not everything is as simple as it seems. The growth hormone course should be prescribed only by a professional in your own business, he / she should not start taking the medication himself.

IGtropin for muscle building

The main advantage of Igrotropin is that it contains both IGF-1 and the protein that binds to it. Thanks to said compound, the drug disintegrates much more slowly in the body and, therefore, an effective accumulation of muscle mass occurs. Growth hormone has no side effects, so it can be used even for beginners. IGtropin is a unique medication that completely replaced growth hormone. To achieve such results, “sitting” on other drugs is very difficult.

The manufacturer of this product is the Chinese company GenSci, which in the past established itself as a specialist in the synthetic growth hormone Jintropin.

Igrotropin is a complex that combines a growth factor similar to insulin and a binding protein. The drug is produced in almost the same package, in which the somatotropin (growth hormone) was released. The box is made of heat insulating material for better storage. Each package contains 10 bottles of 10 μg, as well as ten ampoules containing a solvent. The rate of growth hormone for each person is different, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Unfortunately, there are still no drugs in broad production, so you should expect this great tool.


How to take IGtropin

As mentioned above, side effects are rare in growth hormone. Perhaps this is due to the fact that athletes rarely use IGF-1. Since Igrotropin is a fairly new medication, the application data is just beginning to be replenished. But one thing is certain: the result will be better if the insulin-like growth factor is administered locally. Some athletes argue that the local injection of Igtropin works even better than shintol injections.

Bodybuilders also like it, when in addition to IGF-1 and protein, the composition of the drug includes testosterone, insulin and triiodothyronine. The first person who tried this combination was Dorian Yates. And, in fact, the results did not take long. He just hit the audience in the next contest. Why testosterone, insulin and triiodothyronine? Yes, because they help the liver to release a growth factor similar to insulin, which then interacts with IGF-1; this gives an excellent result. In addition, under the influence of testosterone, the number of satellite cells increases, and also increase muscle mass. Then testosterone is also the correct substance.

Despite the fact that growth hormone has an extremely positive reaction, do not forget that the drug is new and only used by some athletes.

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