Home Remedies To Get Rid Of PockMarks on Face

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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of PockMarks on Face

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of PockMarks on Face

Everyone desires to have perfect and also smooth skin texture, especially around the face region because it is the part of the body that is always opened to the public. For this reason, lots of money are spent by both males and females particularly beginning during teenage years to keep the facial area pockmark and also scar free. However what exactly are pockmarks or pockmarked face?

Pockmarks also refer to as pick marks or even acne scarring; are marks with a concave shape which can appear like holes or perhaps indentations in your skin. They take place once the inner layers of your skin become damaged.

Pockmarks are blemishes which are caused by natural factors that can be as a result of infection or maybe disease. The most typical causes of these circular or perhaps elliptical indentations are chickenpox and acne. Nevertheless, luckily pockmarks can be prevented by a few practical means.

More difficult to manage out of the primary triggers are pockmarks resulting from chickenpox. Chickenpox occurs typically at a young age before the kid is 10 years old and this can lead to irritation around the facial area. The kid with chicken pox will most likely scratch the small reddish pimple like growth on his or her face, and also given that the fingernails contain bacterias, the scratching may result in more irritation and bacterial infection which can cause bleeding as well as scar marks of the scratched area.

Hence parents should be available to keep an eye on the child, and it is recommended that the child’s hands should be covered with cloth; health experts recommend socks, to ensure that scratching the area with the fingernails is prevented. Continuous conversation with the kid on the benefits of not scratching the face can save the child from pockmark scars which will be challenging and difficult to get rid of in the future.


Dermabrasion, chemical peels, Microdermabrasion, Ablative laser resurfacing, microneedling, injection of fillers — they are probably the most typical treatments for pockmarks at dermatological skin clinics and at times in beauty salons, as well. Nevertheless, these treatments come in high costs, and also they usually have to be done many times for results to be seen and appreciated. Most of this treatment procedures have a detrimental effect on the Skin.

Chemical peels have adverse effects like redness, peeling, and also burning.

Dermabrasion has the chance of adverse effects like swollen pores, new scars, blotchy skin coloring, and also infection.

Ablative laser resurfacing has side effects like acne breakouts, pigmentation changes, further scarring, redness and inflammation, and also infections.

Home Remedies To Deal With A Pockmarked Face.

  1. Facial Massage: Even though it is not a direct treatment for scars, having a facial massage can help support other treatment solutions.

Either via manual stimulation or perhaps with the help of a massage wand, facial massage can help enhance circulation in the skin as well as get rid of toxins, which could get other treatment methods to be more efficient and effective.

Facial massage treatments do not carry any adverse effects. However, their effectiveness against pockmarks is not vastly studied. If anything, every week or even monthly massage could help reduce inflammation and stress.

  1. Exfoliate With Brown Sugar

Indeed one of the standard treatments for pockmarks on the face is dermabrasion, and also it is something which you can produce at your home. All you need to do is mix brown sugar with a little honey. Properly massage on affected areas for 5 to 10 minutes. Avoid carrying out this tip for pockmark reduction/removal more than two times weekly to avoid damaging your skin.

  1. Massaging With Lemon

It is also a smart idea to supply or provide the skin with vitamin C since it is a precursor to the creation of collagen; therefore, if you want to boost the appearance of soft pockmarks. On a regular basis massage fresh lemon juice on it and then rinse off with water after about 10 minutes. It can be helpful in lightening dark pockmarks as well.


While there are no standard treatment methods for pockmarks which are known to work in all situations, there are lots of treatment options available to individuals who want them taken off. Even though it might be tempting to attempt all the solutions available, it is advisable to consult your skin care specialist before trying to remove pockmarks on the face.

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