How to transform your body from Skinny shape to Muscular Shape

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How to transform your body from Skinny shape to Muscular Shape

How to transform your body from Skinny shape to Muscular Shape

Are you in skinny body shape and want to build a bigger muscular body? Need help to get started and start your journey with proper plan! Fortunately, you are at the right place! Here you will get all the things that will take you to the journey of your body fitness. In this article we will cover each and everything about how to get muscular and yes a physique like a bodybuilder! Dig in and don`t jump anywhere to miss all the good stuff.

Weight Training with High Weights:

Weight Training is best way to build your body muscles and grow them. Normally people do exercises and do reps as they like but in actual there is different reputations for individual goals and you have to perform as your goal requires. Basically you have to do training and workout with high weights so that you can twitch your slow twitch muscle which builds muscle fibers and perform repetitions between 6-12 reps so that you can build strength+muscle. Don`t go crazy while performing exercises, just do every rep properly and feel the muscle. Also do heavy workouts of Squats, Dead lifts, Bench Presses, Shoulder Presses and Dumbbell Lateral Raise.

Eat High Carb Diet or Add High Carb Foods in Diet:

When you want to put on some weight and want to build muscle, actually you need the best high carb foods so that you build more mass. Foods like Chickpea, Banana, Bread, and Brown Rice etc. these are key to your bodybuilding success. You have to eat 2-3g carb per body weight and 1g protein per bodyweight. Diet is No. 1 in changing your body from a skinny guy to a bodybuilder. You have to focus on Good Carbs and try to avoid bad carbs in your meals.

Stop Doing enough Cardio:

Yes, you got it right! When it comes to mass gain or muscle building, you don`t need to waste a lot of time in doing cardio either in the morning or after weight training. If you want to build some muscles and want to gain some mass, you have slow down the cardio workout split. Like you should do cardio 2-3 times a week and slow cardio exercises. Cardio is just not for muscle building or fat loss it is must have exercise in your routine to get rid of heart diseases and improve your cardio vascularity. Running and Slow walk on Treadmill after workout is good to go this way you will main lean and muscular body shape.

Increase your calorie intake for better Gains:

Normally health advisors recommend 2000-2500 calorie intake for everyone after knowing the activity level of the Person. But, you need gains so you have also increase the calorie intake of your food/nutrition so that you will have more meals like 6-7 or add more calories in your current meals. Adjust the meals calorie intake yourself for better healthy recipes. Also do not buy Mass Gainer or Muscle Gain supplements because they are just providing you big calories of bad carbs, these big amount of calories just create fat in your body. You will not get bigger mass but in actual you will turn body calories into fat. So make sure to avoid all these things. Nutrition is king in Fitness. Hope you got the information! If you need any assistance regarding workout, nutrition and supplements you can ask us so that we can serve you better! Good luck in your fitness journey!

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