Is A Facelift In Atlanta Worth It?

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October 3, 2018
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October 3, 2018

Is A Facelift In Atlanta Worth It?

Is A Facelift In Atlanta Worth It?

Most people who consider a facelift surgery will know something about how it actually works. A facelift procedure is actually an amazing one. When you opt for the facelift in Atlanta or the rhytidectomy, this cosmetic surgical procedure aims to give your face a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance. The procedure works in a unique way, it helps to reshape the lower section of the face by removing any excess bit of facial fat or loose skin.

Across the United States back in the year 2016, about 107,261 women went through this procedure, and about 13,702 men went for the surgery. For men, the facelift surgery stands out as the fifth most common type of aesthetic surgery.

The job of the surgery is to tighten loose skin that hangs around the jawline of the face; this is also the “jowls.” It helps to target deep creases around the nose and the mouth, as well as any excess fat or hanging skin under the chin, as well as the neck. A facelift procedure also helps to tighten any underlying tissues, and combined with surgery, it helps to enhance the eyelids, brows, cheeks, and the forehead.

What Happens in a Facelift Surgery?

Often, surgeons perform this surgery as an outpatient procedure. When you choose a good clinic, such as Crispin Plastic Surgery, they usually use a local anesthetic, or general anesthesia and sedatives to prevent patients from feeling the pain. In a normal scenario, this procedure may take about 2-5 hours, and surgeons often recommend that the person heads back home on the very same day post the procedure.

In the case of a traditional facelift, what the surgeon would do is make an incision in the front section of the patient’s ear and extend it up to the hairline, and behind the ear (to the hair-bearing section of the scalp). The surgeon would then lift the skin off from the deeper facial fat and muscles and pull the skin gently in an upward-posterior direction to remove the excess amount of skin. During the procedure, your surgeon will also tighten deeper tissues within the face.

Under the chin, surgeons may make a small incision, or cut the skin to tighten deeper tissues of the neck. This refers to the neck lift surgery. These incisions often close with staples as well as sutures. Sometimes, surgeons may place a drain under the skin, as well as behind the ear for about one or two days for the removal of excess fluids and blood. They further apply bandages.

The Things to Expect Before Surgery

Keep in mind that before your procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will take his or her time to review your medical history. They will pay attention to various factors you may have, this includes blood clotting, blood pressure, drug use, medications, allergies, cigarette smoking, allergies, skin conditions, and scarring.

A good, board certified surgeon should be able to discuss all your goals with you, your expectations, and guide you on what the surgery would include. In addition, they will guide you about the type of anesthesia that would be suitable for you, the possible complications, and the recovery period. In addition, they will also take their time to examine your skin type and the structure of your bone to evaluate how they should perform the surgery.

The Common Facelift Types

When you decide to go under the knife for a facelift procedure, you need to learn more about the advanced types of procedures, these include:

  • MACS Facelift: This surgical technique uses short incisions to improve the sagginess of the neck skin, and improve the jowls.
  • SMAS Facelift: Surgeons usually proceed with this by lifting the tissue layer under the skin. It helps to eliminate the drooping appearance of the facial features, such as loose neckbands.
  • Full Facelift: This procedure helps to rejuvenate most of the regions of your face.

Is a Facelift Actually Worth It?

Keep in mind that a facelift procedure actually works to create a more youthful and smoother appearance. It helps to smoothen out the skin as well as address different areas of the skin at the same time. The surgery would help to tighten the sagging skin and remove any form of loose skin. In addition, it helps to reduce the drooping effect of the cheeks around the jawline as well. It also helps to lift the corners of the mouth and reduce any crease that forms between the lips and cheek.

Often, the incisions in the front as well as behind the ear are not noticeable. Know that the results of a facelift in Atlanta often do not last forever. Common research also suggests that after about five and a half years post operation, the results of the facelift relapse. However, with proper care, people are able to manage the results of their surgery.

For the best possible results, a person would have to opt for some other procedures, such as an eyelid surgery, a neck lift, and fat injection, liposuction, and brow lift, removal of cheek fat, chin implants, laser, or chemical peels.

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