Can you lose weight without exercise?

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Can you lose weight without exercise?

Can you lose weight without exercise

Whenever you try to shed some pounds, you are always forced to exercise. However, a regular workout routine is not really popular among slimmers and the vast majority hate it. Instead, they are seeking other exercise-free weight loss methods that will help them to reach their goals. But can you really lose weight with no physical activity?

Losing weight without exercise

Until you personally won’t try to lose some pounds, you won’t really know how challenging this task is. And exercise should always be a part of it. Not only it helps to burn the fat faster so fastens the overall slimming process, but it also offers several health benefits.

Once you reduce the calorie intake, the body will start using other energy sources. Many slimmers wrongly assume that the stored fat will be the main fuel source. Well, yes, but … In order to fuel your body from the stored fat you want to get rid of, you need to maintain optimal metabolic rate. And that is barely achievable without any kind of physical activity. Otherwise, muscle mass will be used as an energy source as well.

Weight is not always equal to fat, so you might be able to reach some of your goals, but at what price? The muscles will get smaller and there still will be a lot of untouched stored fat. Instead, you need to provide some stimulus to keep it up and exercise is by far the best option.

Actually, the only one. This doesn’t always have to be an intense workout several times week. Many times a pure walk or some light routine in the morning is enough to force your metabolism to fuel the body from the unhealthy stored fat.

So why is the exercise so crucial?

Regular exercise promotes hormones production and increases your sensitivity to insulin resulting in an improved metabolic rate that is needed for turning the fatty cells into energy efficiency.

There is not any hidden secret in regular physical activity – the more you exercise the more calories you will burn. It takes about 30 minutes to burn 300 calories. Just imagine what results would you achieve by burning 300 more calories every single day? Calorie restricted diets work on a similar principle, but you are reducing their amount through food intake instead of burning them. By incorporating any kind of exercise into your lifestyle you will be not only to reach your desired weight faster but also able to enjoy delicious food without negatively affecting the weight loss.

Lean muscles are fueled by calories, so the more muscles you have the more calories you will burn throughout the day naturally. Therefore, if you re-consider your lifestyle and add some kind of workout routine, you will be losing the weight much faster. First, you will burn additional calories during the exercise routine and second, as your muscle mass will grow it will require more calories to fuel itself.

So can you lose weight without exercising?

Even though it, not the right and healthiest approach, but yes, you can. However, you will most likely lose your muscles and slow down the metabolism, so you will have to significantly reduce your calorie intake if you want to succeed. Such reduction can have a negative impact on your health and you might seriously struggle with the ever-lasting hunger cravings.

So it is possible to lose weight without exercising, but it is the harder way than hitting the gym a few times a week. It always seems easier until you actually try it. There is the countless number of physical activities available, so there is undoubtedly something you will enjoy.

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